Blogger Applications are now open for //elephante poses// & Bella Elephante!! Now through May 31st. Our new official blogger list will be announced June 1st!

Once blogger applications close they will not open again until late August! Good Luck everyone!

Apply online here:

Please read which application you are applying to! If you applied to either group in the past please apply again! You may of course apply to both stores if you would like! They are separate stores with separate blogger groups!

Congrats to Lyrical Ember & Sere Jigsaw on becoming blogger managers!!
Also thank you everyone who applied it was a hard choice and we even mended our original decision to have one manager for both stores. In the end we decided why not two!

Lyrical Ember is now //elephante poses// blogger manager
Sere Jigsaw is now Bella Elephante blogger manager

Later tonight we'll be opening up blogger applications for both stores! So look out for that!

Hi everyone! I've been working hard at getting the store updated with recent releases making room for new ones and subscriber/VIP Group gifts for this month! Stop by the store and get your VIP gifts now for May through the end of the month. I'll be sending out the subscriber gift as well through the subscriber group. Also all our Pose Fair releases are now in the store along with last months Fit For a Princess pose back. This month I'll be releasing some new stuff in the mainstore for once yayy so look out for that in the coming weeks.

 Remember our VIP Gifts & Subscriber Gifts are exclusive and will never be sold in store and will disappear once the month is over so get them quick!

300L To Join Group Here - secondlife:///app/group/8dbc789e-9d57-9da3-d64b-2dd993ac510b/about

VIP Members receive monthly gifts which can be found in our main store each month! Also when purchasing items from us wear your VIP tag and receive 15% in store credit for each purchase! Purchases without your tag will only get you 5% in store credit!

Teleport to our mainstore now through the end of the month to snatch up these gifts!
Mainstore Location:

 May 2014 Subscriber Group Gift

 May 2014 VIP Group Gift

  May 2014 VIP Group Gift

  May 2014 VIP Group Gift