Hi lovelies! I've finally made a VIP group for the store! YAY It is 300L group fee to join but you'll receive 2 monthly gifts exclusive that won't be sold again! You can pick them up at our main store just be sure to have your VIP group active. You can now also earn 15% in store credit for every purchase you make in the main store. Be affair this doesn't apply to gachas or events, fairs or sale groups we may be involved with outside of the main store. Our regular store group will still stay but that is now only for updates. So feel free to join that as well.

Along with updating the VIP group I've decided to start sending monthly subscriber gifts! The first one is going out today, but if you aren't a subscriber be sure to join that as the gift is different then the VIP group gifts and will be exclusive as well! This is just a way for me to give back to my customers cause you guys are awesome. Check out all the gifts below and hop on down to the mainstore to join the group and get your monthly gifts! Theres a sign next to them on the table you can click and get the info for joining!

Starting September 1st //elephante poses// will be updating our inworld groups! Meaning the current group we have you can join and get regular updates as usual on all the things going on at the store! But we will be adding a new group as well! A VIP group which you'll get monthly VIP gifts along with every purchase you have in store, you'll receive 15% in store credit! The fee for joining the monthly group will be 300L but with that you'll get in store credit on purchases along with gifts! I'll also be starting subscriber monthly gifts which will be different so if you subscribe you can receive gifts that way as well! So lots to look forward to!

//elephante poses// is a sponsor in todays Grand Opening Of FR3SH! Now many of you may not know this but I'm actually a DJ @ FR3SH and have been since it opened a few months back! They closed for a bit to move and remodel everything! The new sim is amazing and has tons of awesome stores as well! Which //elephante poses// will have a small store on as well in the near future! Plus muh babe is DJing today @ 10am slt! So be sure to check out the sim and the new club! Truely I mean this is going to be huge! Oh yeah and we have about 4 gifts there for 10l each! Items that are normally way more in the mainstore! YAY

New Exclusive Release @ The Seraphim Social,150L! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Blackmalkin/22/227/602

New Releases @ The 24 Starting Tomorrow August 23rd, 2013! Both are exclusive to the fair, The 100 Limit Exclusive Pose Throne will only be sold at the fair and won't be sold ever again! Be Sure to check out all the happenings and details here --->The 24 Blog & TP over to the fair here--->The 24 Pose

YAY The Blog is finally updated for the most part :D Also blogger applications are open and up and running! Currently I don't have any spots open but I will at the end of the month as I usually do when people don't blog for the month and get kicked haha But everyone on it that I approve will be on the waiting list :) So I'll add people in order of spots opening! I keep my blogger list to no more than 70, just because I'm the only person who handles my bloggers and checking so anything more and it gets a bit hard to handle with everything going on. I'll post some new stuffs that will be released tomorrow at The 24 later today so look out for that!

Hiyas! It's been so long since I updated this. I've been working on a new blog layout and updating everything! I'll be starting to use this more from now on so look for lots of new stuff coming soon!